Display Diagram-Pairs for Your Game Score

I've created a tool that will take the input game score in portable game notation (PGN—a form of Algebraic Notation that omits the square where the chessman came from) and produce diagram-pairs as suggested in my article How to Play through a Game's Pawn Structures. It produces each diagram by deriving the associated Forsyth-Edwards notation (FEN) and then feeding it to Steve Eddins's Chess Imager.

To bring up the tool's input screen, which will be displayed in a separate tab or window (depending on how your web browser is set up), click here. If you're on a dial-up internet connection, downloading the input screen could take up to a minute.

This tool has limitations:

If your game score contains no special symbols or other material and has been verified using a chess database or chessplaying program, yet the tool fails to display all applicable diagram-pairs (other than due to the above-stated limitations), then please email me the game score and I will see if my tool has a bug.

Have fun.