To display a game's diagram-pairs, simply copy/paste the game score in portable game notation (PGN) into the text box below. The space between a move number and White's move is optional, which means that either "1.e4" or "1. e4" would be accepted.

When you click on the "Create Diagrams" button, this page should refresh and begin displaying diagram-pairs interwoven with the PGN. If several seconds pass and the refresh has not begun, verify that your internet browser allows JavaScript from

There are situations in which my tool is designed to stop generating diagram-pairs, which you can read about by going to my website's Instruction menu and then clicking on Display Diagram-Pairs for Your Game Score. But if the tool unexpectedly stops displaying diagram-pairs (or does something else strange), even though you have verified that the PGN is accurate and does not fall under the situations I listed, please email me the PGN and I will investigate. Have fun.